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Non-adaptive methods (linear interpolation filters)

lhouse_nearest_.png (7487 bytes)

Nearest neighbor


lhouse_bilinear_.png (21264 bytes)

Bilinear interpolation


lhouse_bicubic_.png (31963 bytes)

Bicubic interpolation


lhouse_mitchell_.png (28185 bytes)

Mitchell filter


lhouse_catrom_.png (32682 bytes)

Catmull-Rom filter


lhouse_lanczos_.png (34048 bytes)

Lanczos filter


lhouse_gaussian_.png (28056 bytes)

Gaussian filter


lhouse_sinc_.png (36284 bytes)

Sinc filter


lhouse_bicubicusm_.png (39356 bytes)

Bicubic + Unsharp mask


Edge-adaptive methods

lhouse_nedi_.png (40268 bytes)

(from SAR program)


lhouse_nedi4_.png (40639 bytes)

(4 taps)


lhouse_nedi12_.png (40404 bytes)

(12 taps)


lhouse_altamira_.png (30843 bytes)

Altamira Fractals program
(Genuine Fractals PrintPro)


lhouse_aqua_.png (35477 bytes)

DMMD Pictura program
(AQua-2 method)


lhouse_gradient_.png (31361 bytes)

DMMD Pictura program
(Gradient method)


lhouse_ssplinepro_.png (55987 bytes)

S-Spline Pro program
(Shortcut software)


lhouse_sar_.png (37354 bytes)

SAR program
(NEDI + Jensen filter)


lhouse_pxlsmartscale_.png (32605 bytes)

pxl SmartScale program
(default settings)


lhouse_qimage_.png (33923 bytes)

Qimage program
(maximum quality)


lhouse_sar_bpjx_.png (35673 bytes)

SAR program
(BP Jensen + Xin Li method)


lhouse_sar_ifs_.png (35673 bytes)

SAR program
(IFS method)



D. Berthelot method
(our own method)


lhouse_smartedge_.png (35673 bytes)

(our own method)


lhouse_smartedge2_.png (35673 bytes)

SmartEdge 2
(our own method)


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