Audio Engineering Society 141st Convention

Sept 29 – Oct 2, 2016
Los Angeles, USA

Alexey Lukin, iZotope's Principal DSP Engineer, has presented a paper: A. Lukin, R. McClellan, A. Wishnick “A two-pass algorithm for automatic loudness correction”.


Loudness standards for broadcast audio, such as BS.1770, establish target values for the integrated loudness, true peak level, and short-term loudness of a record. Compliance with these three targets can be challenging when the dynamic range of a record is high, so software for automatic loudness correction is important for speeding up the workflow of post-production engineers. This work reviews existing software implementations of automatic loudness correction and proposes a new algorithm that provides efficient simultaneous correction of all three targets.

To purchase copies of the paper itself, please see the AES website.

PowerPoint Presentation

You can download the PowerPoint presentation here: LukinMcclellanWishnick.pptx (1 MB)

Audio Samples

The test set of 6 audio samples used for loudness measurements can be downloaded here: (130 MB)

True Peak Filters

Here we present frequency responses of true peak detection filters described in the paper.

         (hover with the mouse to select a graph)