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4 Sept. 2002

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RightMark Audio Analyzer

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RightMark Audio Analyzer

RightMark Audio is a project of iXBT corporation for evaluation of the quality of sound cards. You can visit the page of RightMark Audio project to find the results of the testings and many more. Here you can download the latest version of RMAA - the program for testing sound cards.


Sept. 4

RightMark Audio Analyzer 4.0 has been released. New features of RMAA 4.0 include:

  • Better stability, faster and more accurate testing

  • Enhanced User Interface

  • Easy results comparisons

  • Support of 24-bit and 32-bit, 192 kHz audio formats

  • Support of WDM sound card drivers

  • Asynchronous testing mode for testing of external devices, such as DAT recorders, D/A converters of CD players, etc.

  • Updated User's Manual

Download the latest version of RMAA here!

The latest full-functional version of RightMark Audio Analyzer 4.0 is available for free downloading.

Download RMAA 4.0 (self-installing archive, 477 KB)

For benchmark results, testing manuals, user support and forums please visit the RightMark Audio project page.


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