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I am currently teaching an introductory course on signal processing at the Moscow State University. It is now 10 years since I started teaching it in 2003!

Read my new blog on secrets of iZotope RX. This year RX won an Engineering Emmy! It is also a 10th anniversary of RX development in 2013.


Check out my Comparison of noise reduction systems. A Russian version is also available.


In Graphics section we open the section on Demosaicing interpolation of Bayer patterns.

In Limiters section we publish the article about Loudness Maximizers. Principles of work, quality evaluation, shootout of maximizers.


In Graphics section we start the shootout of image resampling algorithms. Watch for the updates!

Robin Schmidt from German Studio22 has launched the The Great Dither Shootout a blind test of professional dithering and noise shaping systems for digital audio. The test is open and all the visitors are invited to participate. According to the results, MegaBitMax algorithm (Ultra preset) takes the first place as quietest and least annoying dithering algorithm!

Learn more about dithering algorithms from our own small shootout.

Welcome to the site on a new Word Length Reduction technology MegaBitMax (former name ExtraBit). Here you can find the description of the technology, audio examples and comparisons with competing noise shaping and dithering systems.

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More ExtraBit / MegaBitMax processed samples are available at the "Audio samples" section of ExtraBit page.

More user endorsements have been submitted.

A new version of ExtraBit Mastering Processor 2.0 has been released. This version features special optimized dithering for high sampling rate modes, such as 96 kHz, 192 kHz, and others. Try our state-of-art dithering to 8 bits at high sampling rate and you'll never return to 16 bits.   :)   More details...


What's inside?

Here you can find some interesting technical info on audio dithering process. Here you can download the demo-version of ExtraBit Mastering Processor and learn the differences between commercially available word length reduction techniques. Sound samples are also available for comparison.

At the Music section you can listen to some pieces from my recordings and get the latest news on my friends' recording sessions.

At the Graphics section you can find a small gallery of beautiful fractal images.

The RightMark Audio Analyzer page is helpful to everyone who wants to know the truth about the quality of his sound card. RMAA is a robust program for testing sound cards (frequency response, THD, dynamic range and other tests) is available for FREE downloading. Test results for different sound cards are also available for comparison.


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